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Caterpillar 797

Liebherr TI272

Liebherr T282

Liebherr TI272 - The sign by the Liebherr TI272 provided the following information: "320 Short Ton, Diesel Electric, EVW : 334,000 lbs, GVW: 974,000 lbs, Engine: MTU/DDC 16V4000 2700 HP, Electric Drive: AC Siemens/Liebherr, Dump Body: 230 cu yds@2:1 Heap, Tires: Michelin 50/80 R57, Dimensions: 42'8" Length, 26'11 Width, 21'9" Height."

Liebherr T282 The sign by the Liebherr TI282 provided the following information: "400 Short Ton, Diesel Electric, Light Weight Body, EVW: 449,000 lbs, GVW: 1,248,000 lbs, Engine: Cummins QSK 78 3500 HP, Electric Drive: AC Siemens/Liebherr, Dump Body: 290 cu yds@2:1 Heap, Tires: Bridgestone 55/80 R63, Dimensions: 48'5" Length, 29'1" Width, 21'9" Height"

Terex MT3300AC 150 ton AC
Terex MT5500AC 360 ton AC

Terex MT3300AC - The sign by the Terex MT3300AC provided the following information: "150 Ton (136 mt) Capacity, DDC 12V400/1800 hp (1343 kW)Engine, DDC 12V400/1800 hp (1343 kW) Engine, General Electric AC Drive, 33R51 Tires, EVW:232,000 lbs (105215 kg), GVW: 532,000 lbs (241270 kg), 3 Pass Loading with RH200, Dimension: 39'11"L x 21'4"W x 20'11"H (12.17 m x 6.5 m x 6.38 m)."

Hitachi EH4500 (formerly Euclid R280)
Details of the Trolley Pantograph Hardware

Hitachi EH4500 - The Euclid R280 , powered by the Siemens AC drive system, is now designated as the Hitachi EH4500. Their truck line still maintains the Euclid name badge on the radiator shell. This truck is equipped with hardware for trolley assisted operation. A similar truck was commissioned on trolley at an ISCOR mine in South Africa earlier this year.

Komatsu 930E-2SE - This 930E is a "special edition", equipped with a new 3500 hp engine that was "designed by Komatsu, Ltd. and Cummins Inc." and "manufactured by Cummins Inc.". According to a sign at the display, the 930E-2SE is equipped with a Komatsu Engine (SSDA18V170) with an output of 2611 kW (3500 bhp) which can operate at an elevation of 3658 meters (12000 ft) without deration. The GE AC drive system can also be operated at this elevation without derating. GVW is rated at 498,957 kg (1,100,000 lbs).

Belaz Wheelmotor
- The sign by the Belaz wheelmotor provided the following information: "Maximum rimpull 400 kNm,Rated rimpull 140 kNm, Reduction gear ratio 15, Maximum wheel rpm 110 min-1. Advantages of motorized wheel with permanent magnets: less maintenance, lower operating costs, bigger payloads, faster cycle times, high efficiency in the whole rpm range."

Production Truck Photos - These two posters apparently show two production trucks having 130 tonne and 120 tonne capacities.

Model of Proposed Truck - Belaz 7570 - The sign by the model of this proposed Belaz truck provided the following information: "Model of open-cast mining dump truck BELAZ-7570. The open-cast mining dump truck BELAZ-7570 features electromechanical drive of alternating/alternating current, two diesel-generators with 2700 hp rating each, wheel arrangement 4X4 and tires 55/80 R63, which allowed to rise payload capacity of the truck up to 420 tonnes and to ensure high specific power, significant traveling speed when upgrading in laden condition as well as to achieve lower handling costs as a result."

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