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Mining Truck Applications:

  1. Quebec Cartier Lac Jeannine
  2. Palabora, South Africa
  3. ISCOR, South Africa
  4. Nchanga, Zambia
  5. Rossing Uranium, Namibia
  6. Barrick Goldstrike, Nevada

Quebec Cartier Mine - 1970 to 1977

QCM at Lac Jeannine, Quebec was the first successful application of modern trolley-assist. This trolley system collected power from an overhead busbar using a trolley pole arrangement. Trolley trucks included KW Dart 85 ton, Unit Rig M85 (85 ton), and Unit Rig M100 (100 ton) trucks. For more details, see the history writeup.

For more historical details, click here.

Truck on Line
Unit Rig truck Entering Line

More of Overhead Line

Side View
Details of Entry Pan
View of Entrance Pan
Suspension Tower
Details of Trolley Pole
Pole in Stowed Position

Truck on Line
Entering the Line

Palabora Mining, South Africa - 1980 to 2001

Palabora's initial trolley test system incorporated a trolley pole/conductor arrangement. At conclusion of the testing, the poles were discarded and replaced with pantographs. The early trolley fleet was comprised of 75 Unit Rig Mark 36 trucks, with 170 ton capacity. Euclid R190 trucks were later added to the trolley fleet. For more details, see the history writeup.

For more historical details, click here.

Test Truck with Pole & Conductor
Early Pantograph Arrangement

Final Pantograph Arrangement

Unit Rig M36
Palabora Open Pit
Truck Silhouette


ISCOR Mining, South Africa - 1982 to 2001

ISCOR is presently the largest user of trolley assist in the world. These photos are primarily of the "early" ISCOR trolley system, with the exception of those showing the Euclid R280 AC truck. ISCOR has perfected a "lightweight" overhead line system, which is fed by many small substations. It is hoped to add photos of the current system in the near future.

As of February 2001, the Sishen mine was operating a trolley haulage fleet consisting of 32 Komatsu 730Es and 9 Unit Rig M36s. The Grootegeluk mine was operating a trolley haulage fleet consisting of 14 Komatsu 730Es, 11 Marathon-LeTourneau 2200s, and 1 Euclid R280 AC.

For more historical details, click here.

Sishen trolley trucks
Pantographs on Canopy

Details of Pantograph Mounting

Unit Rig M36
M36 on trolley
Haulpak 685E
Recently Rebuilt M36
MLT2200 at Grootegeluk
Closeup of MLT Panto Mount
Trolley Truck Lineup
Lots of Trucks on Line
Euclid R280
R280 at Grootegeluk
Closeup View

Side View

Nchanga Mine - 1983 to 198?

The ZCCM mine at Nchanga installed a trolley system that collected power from an overhead busbar using shoes mounted on trolley poles. Many of these pictures are screen shots from a GE-produced video. For more historical details, click here.

Photo Courtesy of GE
Haulpak 120C

Photo Courtesy of GE

Screen Shots from GE Video
Trolley Poles & Resting Point
Raising Poles
Poles Raised
Entering the Pan
On the Line
Front View
View Along the Line
Side View
Closeup of Poles
Carbon Shoe
Bolted Joint of Bus

Rossing Uranium - 1986 to 2001

Rossing was a "sister" mine to Palabora, and when they installed their trolley system, sometime around 1986, they patterned it after Palabora's.

As of February 2001, Rossing was operating a trolley haulage fleet consisting of 11 Komatsu 730Es.

Barrick Goldstrike - 1994 to 2001

Barrick conducted numerous trolley feasibility studies and in 1993 gave the go-ahead to proceed with the installation of a system at their Goldstrike mine in Nevada. The system was patterned after Palabora's, except that the equipment was upsized to accommodate Goldstrike's larger trucks (190 ton vs. 170 ton).

Overhead lines and substations were supplied by Siemens, and were of a full-catenary heavy-duty design. Pantographs, from TransTech of South Carolina, were used for current collection. Their "half-scissor" design differed from the "full-scissor" design used at Palabora.

By October 1994 five trolley lines, which totaled 2.9 miles in length, were in service - along with 50 Komatsu 685E haul trucks that had been converted for trolley operation. Barrick continued to expand the trolley system, with a total of 74 trucks and 4.5 miles of trolley lines in service.

Haulpak 685E at Goldstrike

Multiple Trucks on Line

Siemens Wayside Substation
Installing Trolley Line
Mobile Platform

Connecting the Substation

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